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Selenium Research

When was the last time your doctor suggested that you supplement with selenium in an effort to prevent cancer?

Probably never . . . But did you kmow that researchers have been studying the plausability of such a suggestion? Scientists know that this trace mineral has some extraordinary properties and have been aggressively investigating it's health supporting potential. Research is currently being conducted to see if selenium might have any impact of the risk of getting prostate cancers and other conditions involving oxidative stress and inflammation.

Doctors assume that we get enough selenium through plant foods. Unfortunately, in many places in America and the rest of the world, including China and Russia, the soil is badly depleted of its selenium content because of acid rain, which can dramatically change the chemical composition of the soil. As a result, soil acidification alters the ability of the soil to bind with vital elements such as selenium for assimilation into edible plants.

The daily serving of Prostate Miracle® is 70 mcg of selenium.

Selenium’s Unique Biochemical Properties

What makes selenium unique? While scientists are still studying selenium’s role in a multitude of biochemical processes, one of its chief attributes is serving as a component of specific proteins called selenoproteins. Almost all of these proteins are active in the scavenging of free radicals.

Selenium is the only mineral nutrient that has its own DNA code, which instructs the body’s protein-synthesis “machinery” to incorporate selenium into its host proteins. Scientists interpret this unique attribute as evidence of selenium’s fundamental importance to virtually all living things on Earth.

Selenium is available from many dietary sources, including garlic, Brazil nuts, and certain vegetables; however, the amount of bioavailable selenium from these sources varies tremendously, depending on the soil and weather conditions where the plants are grown. Foods containing selenium may also contain substances that limit selenium’s bioavailability. Therefore, selenium supplementation is often recommended as a way to assure a dependable, bioavailable supply of this nutrient.

As scientists continue to discover the many ways in which oxidative stress is related to inflammation and its destructive consequences—from atherosclerosis to prostate, lung, colon, and other cancers— trace minerals such as selenium are likely to be the subject of even more research.


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